The men that every girl needs.

Boyfriends are SO last century. Meet the men- yes, plural!– that every lady needs in her life.

You asked for men?!

You asked for men?!

1) The sex on legs.

We all need that man who is oozing with sex. The man that makes us salivate, want to rip his clothes off and then try positions x,y and z with. Maybe you act on it, maybe you don’t. His mere presence is enough to leave us foaming at the bit for days.

2) The nice boy.

Whilst we may love a good old fucking, might want a bit of a bad boy and even enjoy the uncertainty of life- we also have a gap in our hearts for a nice boy. The kind of boy who opens doors for us, who remembers our birthdays, allergies and favourite foods and who is there for us as and when we need to pour our souls out.

3) The ex boyfriend.

It’s a long story. Maybe it ended well, perhaps it didn’t. But we should all have that lingering ex who texts us at the most inconvenient of times. Perhaps he’s looking to rekindle the love, maybe he’s seeking revenge or he could just be trying to stay friends. Either way, ironically, the fact he drives us insane, is what keeps us sane….

4) The ego boost.

Maybe you’re having a fat day? Perhaps you’ve just lost your job? Or you may have gained four huge spots on your face? Whatever the problem, Mr. Ego Boost is your solution. This is the geeky guy who has been in love with you since forever. Or the guy who lusts after you but can’t have you for whatever reason (own girlfriend, religious reasons, friendzone, *insert own*). Bottom line: you know you have him wrapped around your finger but can’t and don’t want to act on it. Maybe women are bitches, but we need this guy in our lives for the blue days!

5) The one we can’t have.

I suppose this guy’s existence is karma, a turning of the tables, if you will. It’s the guy we can’t have- for whatever reason. The man we think of first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The guy who can reduce us to childish giggles as if we were 15. The only person who gives us crazy butterflies when we see him. Perhaps we can’t have him- but, it is good for us ladies. He’s the incentive for eternal self improvement, he keeps us on our toes and rebalances the universe as we have our ego boost guys!

6) The protector.

Oh yes, Daddy, you’re still important to me. This may not be a father, it could be an older brother, a cousin, a family friend or just a male friend. But we need him. Someone to irritatingly tell us that we are wearing too much make up, that our skirts are too short and not to talk to strangers. But also the man to dote on us when we are ill, to bail us out of tricky situations and to pick up the pieces (mop the tears) when everything goes wrong.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a boyfriend/husband/partner cannot fulfil all of our womanly needs. So we need other men in our lives to share the responsibility…oh, it’s tough being a woman!

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