Is age really just a number…?

Okay, so a thirty year old man dating a fifteen year old girl is odd, not to mention illegal. But when does the whole age gap issue, become….well a non-issue? At what point does it become socially acceptable?

I am twenty two (and only recently at that) whilst the man of my current affections is thirty six. THIRTY SIX. Is it wrong? Some 14 years and 10 months older.

The age gap is one I often forget. He has the spelling of an imbecile and/or nine year old and the maturity of a spotty faced fifteen year old. We fight like cat and dog and his arguments are as well substantiated and as well reasoned as if he were still a boy. But, he’s not.

Every now and again it hits me. Like this weekend, (he shaves his head…in a thuggish rather than a receded hairline, balding type way) and I noticed some saggy, slightly wrinkled behind-the-ear skin. Yes, it was as gross as it sounds! I have my insecurities and things that I hate about my body (MY HUGE BOAT SIZED THIGHS THAT NO AMOUNT OF HEALTHY EATING/EXERCISE WILL SHRINK) but my skin is still as supple as a newborn’s and everything is as pert and perky as it should be.

If that wasn’t bad enough we then headed into town to do some shopping. We saw the nostalgic memory inducing game “Bopit” on the shelf. Except, it was only a trip down memory lane for the one of us. He had never heard of it before, let alone played it!!!!! Yet another reminder of the difference in our age…


Buttttt, the real icing on the cake took place in the evening when we went for a drink. Hand in hand we waltzed into a bar where my “friend” was welcomed with a warm smile and I was asked for my ID. MY ID!!!! I would have loved to have known what the bouncer thought- did he think I was some affectionate hand-holding daughter or maybe that I was this man’s sugar baby?!

Dating an older man certainly has its pros. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G sex being one. Self sufficiency and financial freedom being another. But with it comes its downfalls…we are on different pages. I love the dating and the casualness of it all…he’s talking about us moving in together! I know that my school friends will tut and gasp if we became official and that my parents would disapprove solely on the grounds of his age.

Am I only just fresh out of the child predator age range or can I be considered a fully fledged adult who is capable of entering adult relationships?

The difference in our ages is apparent. A quick glance or a fifteen minute conversation will tell you that we weren’t born in the same decade, that we didn’t grow up listening to the same music and that our life reference points are completely different. Is this a NO go area?!? Or is this age gap truly socially acceptable?!

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