If the world of dating was just a game.

The starting position is singledom. The goal and indeed the prize is a loving relationship/marriage etc.

What are the rules? Well, actually there are none. More mere guidelines…if you get the prize, the game isn’t over so don’t screw it up by cheating. Don’t steal a friend’s prize. Don’t lie.

You get the gist, but, they’re only mere guidelines, for if you break them you may never be found out, you may still be able to keep the prize just damage it a little or you might lose it altogether.


Thoroughly confused yet?

It gets worse. Not everybody begins from the same starting point, this game isn’t exactly fair. If you have baggage from a previous round of the game, you’re already to set to struggle. If you have incredible looks however, you may be at an advantage. Similarly if you are charismatic or have an impressive bank account. The game isn’t fair.

What if somebody else has the exact prize that YOU want? Well, technically, it’s out of bounds. (Although not actually) You may be able to win it for yourself or it might be a forbidden fruit that you cannot have. So in that way you might be unlucky in the game. Same applies if your prize isn’t one that your parents would approve of, if your prize doesn’t have the same views or beliefs as you etc. The list goes on. The game isn’t fair.

It’s a bit like snakes and ladders…in that the game isn’t always progressive. You might be onto a winner when BAM one bad move and you’re back at the start. You might have won the game (BUT still you’re a player) and before you know it for whatever reason, you’re back at the starting point rather than clinging onto the winning prize.


The game isn’t straightforward, there are numerous obstacles that you have to tackle, hundreds of choices that you have to make and endless tactics that you can employ.

Ahhh, I hear you question. Surely the more practice and experience that you get in the game, the more likely you are and better equipped you will be to win? NO! That is the catch. A little experience goes a long way, but the more and more that you get, the worse at the game you become…

Do I have any tips? Well, a few that I can give you from my experiences and if you ask anyone, I’m sure that a couple of anecdotal examples can be brought to hand. But the truth, THE REAL TRUTH, is that nobody has any tips. We are all different. Each player and each prize, is different. We are all playing our own games and even if we appear to be winners or experts, we are not without our problems…and nobody knows what is around the corner. This is a game that you and you alone must play.

I can let you into one secret though. You will always be a player, you will find the highs and the lows. The wins and the losses. But ultimately, in this game, nobody is a winner.


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