A New Direction

Ladies and Gentleman, I am taking a new direction with this blog and metaphorically my life. DEEP STUFF. 


My focus has been my love life…or, more accurately, lack of. Whilst I’m not quite ready to resign myself to a future of spinsterhood shared with a dozen cats or prepared to take the leap and become a lesbian, this is no longer my focus. (I will still be blogging about my love life- you don’t get away that easily!) But I hope to discuss other issues in my life and other musings that occur to me as and when they do.

I’m not going all Einstein or crazy deep on you, I promise, but I’m not as completely blonde as my behaviour makes out. (Surprisingly- a shock to family, friends, strangers and myself alike- I am in possession of a law degree!!) 

Anyhow, I thought I would give you a heads up of my new change in direction. One direction that unfortunately doesn’t involve Harry Styles!! 


So, watch this space I guess…or unfollow me as quickly as you can! 

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