Why my flatmate sucks more than yours. Reason #1

12.18 I made myself some lunch. Jolly good it was too! (A rare happening in my clumsy kitchen!)

Anyway I took my meal of pure deliciousness into my bedroom where I caught up on my missed TV. Perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me, scrummy food and rubbish tele. At 12.51 I returned to the kitchen and on the tap at the sink was a post-it note….

“Please remember, the washing up fairy has given up washing your things so do it YOURSELF….!!!!!!!”


33 minutes. THIRTY FUCKNG THREE MINUTES. I hadn’t left the house without washing up, I haven’t left it overnight. NO. What am I supposed to do? Cook, clean IMMEDIATELY whilst my food goes cold and then go about my day? It’s a Sunday….the day of rest, give me an effing break girl.

Also, WHY the note? I mean, we live together your room is NEXT to mine…can’t you just knock on my door rather than leave the patronising, passive aggressive post-it note. EURGH.

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