“The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 2 (Getting fit!)

So, after yesterday’s arguably unsuccessful first challenge, I was a little apprehensive about day two.

I decided to do something completely different. I went for a run.

Now you may be reading this and thinking…. “AND….?!?” But for me this is a big deal.


I am not exactly a size zero, and definitely have a few pounds to shift, so before I’ve even stepped out the door I can imagine passers by thinking and muttering “look at that fatty going for a run, bless her…” Etc etc. As a self conscious woman, this is scary. 

Further, I am not a flat chested girl. Rather, I am pretty well endowed in the chest department which, like everything has its pros AND cons. The big downfall being when it comes to running. Well, you say running, I say chin bruising session! NO sports bra resolves this comfort issue. When running, I am very aware that my “fun bags” are flapping left, right and centre! In broad daylight and around my local neighbourhood- this is not a good look. It scares me.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, it was a good exercise in highlighting to me how actually unfit I am. I am not sure what scares me more the prospect of having to do more exercise to resolve the issue or the thought of obesity, premature death and a heart attack!

2 thoughts on ““The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 2 (Getting fit!)

  1. Keep up the good work, lady! Who cares what anyone thinks, you are taking care of your body and loving you. That’s what matters. BTW, I understand about the boobs. I’ve found the only thing that works well is a conventional bra worn under a sports bra. Feels a little bulky at first but lots less stress on your fun bags 😉

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