Unattainable Beauty.

I am sick of society. Nobody is perfect- not you, not me, not Angelina Jolie.

What even is beautiful anymore?

If you are a size zero you’re too skinny. Practically an anorexic. What if you’re a size fourteen? Then you’re too fat. Above a size sixteen? …Obese.


What if you’re a blonde girl? Are you flirty, sexy and fun? Or are you plain dumb?

How about if you wear glasses? Sexy school teacher-esque? Or a nerd?

NOBODY can win.

Magazines depicting beautifully photoshopped celebrities and models- perfectly formed figures, NO wrinkles, blemish free skin and every limb toned to perfection.


This is bad enough- but, no. That isn’t enough- then there are the magazines that snap celebrities on the beach- or, heaven forbid! Makeup-less on their way to Tesco- with huge black circles highlighting slightly wrinkled armpit skin, a slight touch of thigh cellulite or boney knees. HOW do we win? “Fat” enough to have cellulite- QUEL DOMMAGE! Or “skinny” enough that our knees are “too” boney?- WHAT A CRIME?

For months years celebrities have said that these faux images and messages permeating society are wrong. But what has been done about it? Nothing.

One month celebrities shout out about how they hate the message that magazines give to young girls. The next month they’re on super strict diets to shed their non-existent extra pounds and modelling for magazines that sculpt their already PRISTINE bodies to ensure that not a single pore is visible.

As I type this blog on the right hand side of my screen is a photo of an attractive woman who is apparently hated by dermatologists- because at 50 she has found a “home secret” to get rid of her wrinkles. Then there are the adverts depicting the mother who has angered dentists with her supposed teeth whitening formula. What about the ads on adult sites telling men how to enlarge their penises?! (Even men aren’t exempt from this madness!)

In an age of political correctness- things haven’t changed much- they’re just concealed more. WHICH IS WORSE. As a six year old- I knew that my Barbie was fake. Today, I’m not sure that an eleven year old girl knows that the singer that she idolises- actually has acne, cellulite and blackheads.


It’s dangerous.

We are the age of make-up, fake tan, false nails, false eyelashes, hair extensions, entire body waxes and photoshop. We are a nation of FAKE people.

I’m not some alien outsider- we all have to keep up. Dying my hair, applying make-up, shaving my body until I have the body of a little child. Forever counting calories- and buying an extortionate gym membership.

Ofcourse I am dying to see celebs at their worst. NOT because I’m some sicko that thinks it’s a crime- but because I need to be reminded that they are not perfect. That I am not perfect- that I never will be.

I think it’s time that we sort this mess out once and for all. Be healthy- I’d never advocate anything different. Ofcourse we need to exercise and eat well. BUT let’s be HEALTHY. 

Healthy in our outlook. Healthy in our obsessions. NOT too thin or too fat- just normal. Let’s give the young girls of 2013 a chance. Our perfection, is flawed.

I cannot wait for the day when I can buy a magazine with a beautiful woman on the front of it. A woman who is beautiful because she is natural.

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