Funeral selfies are not okay.

This is not a post that I should have to be writing. This should not be a topic that is up for discussion. It’s a matter of humanity people.

Barack Obama, you’re a cool guy. Certainly as cool as politics ever goes, but today you slipped up. BIG TIME.

This is the photo that I am referring to, in case you haven’t seen it:


Nelson Mandela’s memorial service….it’s the height of bad taste. It’s unbelievable, utterly improper. Especially, from world leaders, from people who ought to know better. But, they’re not alone:

It would be funny if it wasn’t so disgraceful.

What does it say about David Cameron? About Obama? About each and every one of the kids photographed above? What does it say about us? About our supposedly civilized society?!?!

Are we truly this lacking in empathy? Are we so self absorbed that we no longer know how to conduct ourselves properly? Is this how we want to honour the dead?

This sort of issue is not one that I would normally blog about, but it is something I had to raise. This is an issue of humanity, of human decency. 

It made me think of my Grandma’s funeral day, I would not have dreamed of taking a selfie on such a day….I wouldn’t even have had to have been told that it was indecent…I would have known. No, not even that. It would not have occurred to me. How can people be so vain? How can your friends endorse such behaviour by “liking” and “commenting” on funeral selfies? Is this who we are? Is this what we have become? 

If so, I want no part in it. 

This isn’t the behaviour of the immoral anymore. This is the behaviour of our leaders, of the ordinary man on the street and it is that, that scares me. This isn’t acceptable and that will only be made clear if we do not accept it. 

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