My obsession with….Tinder.

hate hate hate to admit this. But, you know that incredibly shallow- look at a few photos of said person and swipe left for “no” and right for “yes”- dating app? Well, I am completely obsessed with it. If you haven’t downloaded it and checked it out yet, then I URGE you to do so now…unless you want to keep your dignity in tact of course.


Tinder is everything that I dislike loathe about society today. It’s shallow, superficial, false and meaningless. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, I am hooked.

Curiosity killed the cat. To be frank, I’m curious. Tinder isn’t so much about the array of men available, but rather how they view me. it’s shallow, I consider myself a feminist for Christ’s sake! Why should I let AND want to be judged by random men based on my looks and a few shared Facebook interests? It’s also meaningless because the photos of me….aren’t me first thing in the morning, they aren’t me chilling at home on a Sunday afternoon, they aren’t even random photos of me on nights out. These photos are the finest selection of photos from my life. They’re like the best bits. Painstakingly and carefully chosen. Cheeky but not too flirty. They say “I’m up for a laugh” but don’t quite suggest that I’m wild. Pretty, but not try-hard. YOU GET THE GIST.


Yet despite this game of charades that we are all playing on Tinder…I still love it. Whenever I’m waiting for a train or have ten minutes to kill, I find myself trawling through endless photos of guys, the good, the bad and the ugly! When I get a notification telling me of a “new match” my heart skips, springs and jumps a little…full of anticipation (isnt it ALWAYS the guy you accidentally swiped right to, or the one you liked purely because he had a photo with his mother/cute puppy/baby/*insert own*- NEVER the guy you actually wanted to get to know better??!)

I have the “silent lurkers” the guys who I have matched with but who never strike up conversation. I have the “must deletes” who are the accidental gross bearded, obese guys that somehow I managed to like or the decent looking guys who start a conversation with;

“fancy a f***?!”

Then there are the “sort of friends” the guys who you kind of chat to, never intend to meet but actually have a decent time killer conversation with. Now, personally this is as intimate as it gets with me…the exchange of a few small talk type messages. Nothing too exciting.

BUT some of my friends use Tinder as the dating site it was intended to be. I can’t help but ask myself WHY?!

Who are you girls and what are you doing?! Yes they might be good looking and they might seemingly like you too…but who is to say that you aren’t one or three hundred girls swiped right n any give day? In the same way as you “bulk like.” Perhaps they are too? FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Also who wants to date a superficial, shallow guy?!? No, thank you.

One example being my friend….we shall call her err….Miss Fake Tan (nice summary of her really!) She went on a date to an aquarium with “Jack Tinder” as he was saved in her phone book…that didnt work out because he already had a girlfriend unbeknown to her (!!!) Then there was “Alex Tinder” who she went for a few drinks with… “He’s nice” she cooed, “but er, shorter than me!!” Miss Fake Tan isn’t exactly tall so that was a no-go as well. Her most recent encounter was with “Connor Tinder” and their date around the park seemed to be a hit, they shared a cheeky snog and she plans to see him again. OH THE ROMANCE!

Miss Fake Tan is adamant that picking guys off Tinder is better/safer etc etc than pulling on a night out. She cites knowledge of shared interests and a genuine attraction as her reasoning. We all laughed.

Tinder, I love you. I may swipe at your selection of men until my heart is content. I might even chat a few up. BUT I will never, ever meet a guy off there…I’m here to laugh at the guys and myself….not to find my happily ever after.


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