Why my flatmate sucks more than yours. Reason #2

She knocks on my bedroom door, I invite her in.

We chat about general things for a short time- the guy she is seeing, an exam that we both have coming up soon, when we are going home for Christmas etc etc. I remember, momentarily, why I like her.

Then BAM out of nowhere, after about twenty minutes of chatting and as she turns to leave she says…

“By the way, I’ve always felt that putting the bins out isnt a job for girls, so do you mind doing it?”

WHAT? I’m still perplexed as to what the undertones of this are. I mean, like her, I am actually a FEMALE, does she thinks her nails are prettier than mine, that her femininity is superior to mine or that quite frankly, I am irrelevant? NOBODY wants to get their hands covered in bin juice. NOBODY wants to be responsible for the early morning dash to put the bins out because they forgot which day is bin day….NOBODY is particularly good at putting the bins out or has a greater aptitude for the chore.


Who told her that this was a really good get out of a chore strategy?! Not only the audacity of it all but she’s insinuating that I am not a girl….what?

I was so dumbfounded by this request that, I agreed with a nod. A bloody nod. Now she has a “get out of bin duty” card for the rest of the year. Great tactics, avoiding one of the worst domestic chores on the lines of a SHARED gender.

DAMN. I definitely need to take a leaf out of her book and ask her if she will clean my toilet for me, as its a job that people who aren’t downright bitches, can’t do.

3 thoughts on “Why my flatmate sucks more than yours. Reason #2

  1. ha! love the last part! i would totally say that if i got pissed enough at her! and id think of it more this way, youre a better girl than she is to be putting those out! and im sure your nails look even better doing it than hers! haha (:

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