“The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 4. (An ode to feminism)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this (testament to how busy I’ve been- but I have continued with this challenge each and every day!)

When racking my brain for a suitable challenge, I struggled, I won’t lie. Three little scary challenges completed….I’m a tenth of the way in, and already I’m stuck…BODES WELL. 

But then it, well, just happened. I was drunk, crossing the road- very nearly got hit by a car- when a man (beautiful man) held me back, saving my life. His smile shall be forever imprinted in my mind.


Anyway, normally I would have smiled and gone about my evening. But- I like to put it down to a change mindset induced by this challenge, although I suspect it may have been the alcohol talking- I asked for HIS number.

I asked this very gorgeous man, for his number and then asked him out on a date. I have never initiated such a situation. It would be my worst nightmare. Who likes rejection?! He did not indicate that he liked me or that he wanted to date me, but I still somehow found the balls to ask him out on a date.

I ASKED A GUY OUT ON A DATE…and, it worked! I know have the eleven digits that enable me to contact him and have organised to go out with him for a few drinks next weekend. OH, and did I mention he is a stunner? What can I say? Thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt!!


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