“The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 6 (Ice, Ice, Baby)

“Ohhh, come on it’s Christmas!” My friend cooed. I tried my hardest to get out of it, I really did.

Her big brown eyes are impossible to say no to. “It will be fun!” She reassured me. When my face told her I wasn’t convinced she pleaded and then promised that drinks would be on her afterwards. Well, who is going to turn down a free drink?! Certainly not me- it was a done deal!

Before I knew it, there I was, smothered in my scarf, hat and gloves and putting on ice skates. The things I do for my friends! 


Now, I can’t express myself properly when I try to explain this but I am clumsy. As in really clumsy. Twenty two and my mother still requests that I use plastic cups rather than glasses. I can barely walk without falling over, let alone on a thin metal blade. On ice.

I am the kind of person that would fall, smash my head open and die. A little exaggerative. Especially as I am here to tell the tale- but you get the gist.

It terrifies me.

My bloody “friend” was off swirling and twirling- Torvill and Dean style. She practically flew on the ice, like a ballerina swaying left, then right, looping and doing it all over again- it really was a sight to behold, I swear the invite was just a means for her to show off! Anyway, whilst my companion was off performing a dance for her adoring fans I was taking baby steps around the rink without a single trace of elegance and whilst clutching onto the side for dear life. It was not a pretty sight. If ever you wondered why I was single, wonder no more!

It was a long hour of sheer hell. I developed a sweat and clammy hands which restricted my ability to cling onto the side. I could hear the young kids behind me tutting as they had to make their way past my flailing limbs as I tried to manoeuvre myself round. I wasn’t one of those mildly nervous kids you see first step on the ice with trepidation and holding on the to side and who, by the end of the hour, are having a cracking time and have mastered a few killer moves.

OH NO. I was Bambi on ice from the start until the bitter end.


Even the post skating free drink, wasn’t compensation enough!

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