The Toothbrush.

Okay, so he has stayed at my house on two occasions. Lovely. It’s my perfect sort of set up, it is more than just friends but still really quite casual. (Yes, I am terrified of commitment!) in case you wondered, this is why:

So we have had a lovely weekend together and I bid him farewell. All is good and fine. That evening I am getting myself ready for bed when, happily brushing my teeth, I notice a second toothbrush. HIS toothbrush.


Very casually- as is my style- I drop him a text, telling him he’s forgotten his toothbrush and left it at mine.

He replied.

“Oh, I didn’t forget it, I left it there. I didn’t think you would mind and thought it would be useful for next time.”

I am not cool with this. Ladies please tell me I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill, am I?!?

The whole toothbrush thing is the first step to moving in- everybody knows that. What’ll be next? A fresh pair of boxers? A change of clothes? A spare razor….it is downhill from here.

I also resent the next time comment. Did we agree another date? No. Have we been seeing each other for months on end? No. I don’t like his presumptuousness. Except, he is right…there has to be a next time now, if only for him to collect his darn toothbrush!

2 thoughts on “The Toothbrush.

  1. Men, roles have reversed. Men want more now, claim theirs faster and end up spending the night every night without the conversation. When did us ladies become less crazy? Maybe you can use it as a new toothbrush scrubber haha

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