“The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 7 (Publicising the blog)

Okay, so this blog is a sort of form of therapy for me.

I’m a private person- I don’t like opening up and telling the world my thoughts and feelings, that’s why for me, blogging is perfect. I don’t seek to write under an alias, I just don’t make it obvious who I am.

For me, it’s a scary thing telling my friends about this blog. It will no doubt open their minds to many things they do not know about me, or expect to see me write about in such a frank way. Yes, my ridiculous love life is something we often have a giggle about over a few cocktails but the more serious things? Not so much.


I’m still not quite ready to link this blog to my Facebook and twitter newsfeeds but to admit that it even exists to my nearest and dearest is a big step. I met up with my three closest friends today on our annual “back from university, pre-Christmas catch up.” There wasn’t even alcohol involved, just a couple of hot chocolates and coffees between us. Telling them about this blog, just seemed right. I value their opinions on other friends, on the guys in my life, on the decisions that I make…and I feel that my blog is no different.

I want them to text me and tell me that one post I’ve written is hilarious and brilliant and that another is utterly crap. I want them to hear me talking from all sides, flippantly and with absolute honesty.

It’s scary to open myself up with such vulnerability, but they’re my closest friends and I value their opinions more than I do anybody else’s.

Today’s challenge wasn’t easy. I was met with three completely different expressions: “brilliant!” Declared my absolute best friend, “I will follow you and you can follow me, can’t wait to read it!” My other friend asked whether blogging was a bit “lame”…”I mean you’re hardly the sort for instagramming photos of your daily Starbucks coffee, why would you blog?” And my third friend just smiled, “great idea, but its like a New Years resolution, or the annual diary that you do, do you reckon you will keep it up?”


Whatever their responses I didn’t mind. They’re my girls. They’re behind me 100%.  Even though telling them about my blog might be scary step, it’s an exciting and beautiful one too…

2 thoughts on ““The Eleanor Roosevelt Challenge”- Day 7 (Publicising the blog)

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to have irl friends that support you with your blogging.

    I know I won’t be linking it to Facebook, only because my mother is on Facebook lol I definately don’t need her reading anything I write.

    My friends are some of my blogger mates however and it’s nice to have them there.

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