The lurking man.

Christmas Eve I’m having the now traditional, annual drinks catch up with the girls. Baileys in hand, a good gossip and the night is ours. What better way to welcome in Christmas?


Yes it’s our scabby local pub. Hardly the most glamorous of places, but it’s fun. It’s home. This was our hang-out when we were 17 and sneaking a cheeky glass of wine. This is the place where we had shared gossip over the last five years, where we had confessed our deepest and darkest sins to one another and where we had gotten disgustingly drunk together. It’s the kind of scabby pub where everyone knows everyone.

So here I am, having a blast when BAM out of the blue I get a text.

“Do you realise that I have been standing behind you for the whole night? X”

No word of a lie, that is what it read. CREEEEEEPY. This was from the guy who has been pursuing me now for probably a good 18 months. I’m not against going for a date with this guy it’s just that one has only ever been vaguely mentioned and not actually organised, that is all. He’s a lovely chap, his eyebrows are just thicker and wider than should be socially acceptable, and they do terrify me a little. Mr Eyebrows.


Anyway, I found the text odd to say the least. WHY wouldn’t you just come over and say hi?!? That’s the first thing that popped into my head. I know a group of drunken giggling girls might be hard to approach but if you don’t have the balls to do so then WHY text them afterwards?! Why not at the time? Or not at all?

The mind boggles. And they say that women are hard to understand?!! Thing is that Mr Eyebrows has now really put me off…I would have gotten over the whole caterpillars on his face issue, but this is too much. I mean, who wants to date a scaredy cat? A man who lingers behind you all night and when you don’t notice him (because you’re with your friends-heaven forbid!) he still does NOTHING to get your attention. Behind the comfort of his computer or his phone he’s a character…and a flirt. But in person?!? He lurks silently.

I’m not sure I can handle that. Shy is endearing. A little lost for words can be sweet. But a bloody wimp?!? I don’t think that’s for me…

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