2013 had its highs and its lows.

Graduating. Incredible. 

Moving in with a psycho. Crummy.

Best sex of my life. Fabulous.

Finding out family secrets. Unpleasant. 

Travelling around America. Brilliant. 

Drifting apart from good friends. Saddening. 

The list goes on, you get the gist. Whilst I can-and happily-give you a breakdown of each and every high and low experienced in the last 12 months, I decide instead to reflect on a lesson that 2013 taught me. An important life lesson.



WELL DUH??? Written in black and white, it’s obvious, isn’t It? I suppose I just never looked at life in this way.

I was a victim of circumstance. The incredible things that happened to me, happened because I was friends with a, b and c. They happened because I was in the right place at the right time. They happened out of sheer circumstance. Except that is not true. Yes, external factors play a part but my happiness is down to me. Even when it is out of my control, it is my response to such events that determines my happiness.

2013 was about me isolating what makes me happy and doing something about it. Maximising the things I love and spending more time with those who make me happy. AND, conversely getting rid of those who don’t. You know that really bitchy girl who pollutes your soul? I got rid of mine. You know that fake friend who is actually using you as and when it suits her? She went too. You know that boy who is only interested in sex? He was deleted out of my life also.


I don’t need 1,001 Facebook friends to like my trivial posts and photos. I am far better off with a handful of incredible people. People who make me laugh until I wet myself. People who hold my hair back as I am drunkenly sick. People who laugh when I fall but pick me up straight away. I want to be surrounded by people who warm my heart, who make me smile and who remind me why it’s GREAT to be alive.

Without being rude and always conducting myself properly, I have cut- and am cutting- all the crappy people out of my life. The people who you spend an evening with and then leave their presence feeling utterly depressed and lacking in self esteem. No thank you. Life is too short (and what better reminder than the passing of yet another year!!) to give second, third and fourth chances to the people who let you down. Life is too short to socialise with people who sadden you, just in the name of being polite.

It sounds corny and cliched but my destiny is in my happiness. My happiness depends on me. 2013 gave me the greatest gift in recognising this. Raise your glass to a future filled with laughter, smiles and genuine happiness.


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