Do we ever truly know anybody?!

Recently, my friends and I have been having to deal with an unfortunate situation. One of our mutual friends with whom we lived in our first couple of years at university has managed to steal from us a sum totaling more than one thousand pounds.

As a group of girls who are all ordinarily quite up for a gossip- this debacle has fueled numerous conversations among the friendship group. “I cannot believe it!” one friend keeps exclaiming; “if you had told me one of us was stealing from the group she is the last person that I would have guessed,” another declared.

We are all reeling in shock.

This whole situation has made me think- do we ever truly know anybody?

My own father managed to conceal his love affair with another woman from my mother (his then wife of thirteen years) and from his two young children. Is there anybody that you could ever rely on more than your parents or the man you choose to spend your life with? Yet he lived a lie- we never truly knew him.


What about children; the daughters who sleep around, who smoke a dozen cigarettes a day and are “in with the wrong crowd.” Some mothers remain oblivious to the antics of their children. How is that? The very human beings that we bring into the world, whose values and morals we shape- become individuals who we may never truly even know.

It’s a sad and hugely cynical thought that the people we love, trust and devout our lives to- may very well be nothing more than strangers. Can we trust anybody in this world? I suppose I ought not to have trusted this “friend” of ours, or my father…and I am sure that any reader of this blog can add their own list of people who have let them down and failed to be the person that we believed they were. But, what are we supposed to do? Trust nobody but ourselves? Or maybe resign ourselves to the fact that we cannot ever truly know everything about anyone? Perhaps, at best, we can hope that we never discover the truth…?

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