Mr Stubble (a Tinder date)

So, I have (cringe!) been talking to Mr Stubble on Tinder for quite some time now.


We have done the small talk; age, location, job, interests type thing- and he seems like a laugh. He’s a clever boy, I can tell, and he has made me smile and even produce the odd “LOL” (in its true sense) now and again. We have had a continuous conversation day in and day out on Tinder now for the best part of three weeks.

Now, I’ve never met this man but messaging him was giving me butterflies and I was getting over the whole- how do I explain to my grandchildren that I met their grandad on a shallow dating app- thing….when we exchanged numbers.


As I took his number, the onus was on me to start the texting ball rolling. I waited the obligatory few hours between receiving his eleven digits and before texting him. When I did I sent a very casual text in which I referred to myself as “his favourite tinder girl.” Having given me his number only a matter of hours before, I assumed it would be blatantly obvious that it was me who was texting him. NO.

Instead I received a response that enquired as to whether I was; “Emma, Georgia, Sam, Lizzie” a few other names amongst which mine was placed. I was the PENULTIMATE NAME. Not cool. Now I didn’t expect to be Mr Stubble’s only Tinder friend…but equally I didn’t want to be his second to last consideration or to be reminded of the fact that this man was a dating app player.

I didn’t reply.

A few hours later he texted me to say he was joking and that he knew it was me. ODD. But it kept me intrigued…a man playing games, it was all a bit cheeky.

Lovely. So our conversations progressed in much the same way as they had on Tinder…a bit cheeky, the odd sexual innuendo, but generally friendly and chit chatty. All is well.

Then Mr Stubble suggests a date. Now, anybody who knows me (read here: ) will understand just how anti dating a guy on Tinder I am. I haven’t exactly leapt into the 21st century dating world- but there we have it!

Anyway I agree- much to my own surprise! We start throwing up mutually beneficial times for said date. “I can’t do Thursday, I’m already out for drinks with friends.” I tell him. “The weekend isn’t great either I think I’m in London but I can let you know?” Still going swimmingly. The weekend doesn’t suit him either he assures me.

Then he drops it. The bombshell. “I also can’t do Tuesday, that’s date night with the girlfriend.”

ER WHAAAAAT? He tells me I’m “making a mountain out of a molehill” and that he never lied as I had never asked if he was in a relationship. Now, is it me or does an account on Tinder and arranging a date in itself indicate that said person is SINGLE?!?!?

Unbelievable. Goodbye Mr Stubble- and to think I was starting to open my eyes to Tinder dating!!!


4 thoughts on “Mr Stubble (a Tinder date)

  1. Now, is it me or does an account on Tinder and arranging a date in itself indicate that said person is SINGLE?!?!?

    It could mean that they are also in an open or poly relaitonship.

    But judging from this guy who is hiding it I doubt he’d know how to have an honest relationship if one slapped him in the face.

    Good job on walking away.

  2. I totally sympathise – Tinder is a minefield! Not only do you have to swipe through thousands of men in your area but when you do finally find an attractive male who also likes you they’re either dull, creepy or liars. I hope your encounter with Mr Stubble hasn’t stopped you from swiping, really funny stuff! 🙂

    • I second this absolutely!! You’d think living in a pretty large city might help but I’m having next to no luck amongst the weirdos!! Definitely hasn’t put me off swiping though, just really given me second thoughts about turning my tinder matches into real life dates!!! Xxx

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