Dear Bryan…please settle something for my friend and I?

Dear Bryan Cranston,

WOW. Words cannot express how I feel right now. I have just polished off a marathon Breaking Bad session. Yes, I came a little late to the party. But better late than never, right?! Anyway, I want need you to know how much I love you. I love you. 

This may be a bold statement, but I consider you the greatest actor of my generation. Breaking Bad was incredible TV, truly enthralling. You caught me within seconds…and had me gripped until the bitter (and I mean bitter) end. I have seen nothing like it and I doubt I ever shall again. Your performance was flawless. The script was perfection. The rest of the cast were superb. Breaking Bad was a triumph. I have had sleepless nights because I opted to watch yet another episode in favour of sleep. It has consumed my conversation with all and sundry for the last ten days or so. When my bus is delayed, a lecture overruns or I’m rushing to be somewhere, I am frustrated as I am missing valuable “Breaking Bad” time. Social events are plagued by the desire to actually bin my nearest and dearest off and settle down with a cup of tea, my duvet and the greatest television programme ever made.

You should know, I have the attention span of a fly. I get bored so incredibly easily. I have started and not finished more books, films and TV series than there are atoms in my body. (That is the extent of my chemistry knowledge by the way, I thought Walt may appreciate such a banal reference.) The fact that I have started, stuck with and lust for more Breaking Bad is testament to the brilliance of the show.

I have no doubt you are inundated with praise for your acting and Breaking Bad. Why should you care what some twenty two year old student sitting at her iPad in England has to say? You shouldn’t. But know that I love you. I decided that whilst watching Malcolm in the Middle- my father always liked to consider himself something of a Hal (he wasn’t and isn’t, bless him.) BRILLIANT BRILLIANT STUFF.

Anyway, I could sing your praises until the cows come home. But why I write this letter, is in the hope that you will settle an argument that divides my best friend and I. She loathes Walt. I mean, really hates him by the end of the show. Whereas I, I just don’t. He is still the cancer ridden man that we know and love. A man who took the wrong path for the most right of reasons. A man who sought to face his demons, to show himself as equal to that slimeball of a former colleague Elliott Shwartz. Can we blame him? No. Do I blame him? No. In fact, I oddly, admire him all the more for it.

Whose interpretation is correct Bryan? Do you love Walt? I need to settle this dispute for I fear my best friend and I with a vodka and tonic in hand shall never see eye to eye on this.

Obviously I appreciate that you will never read this, you’re a busy man and all that, s’all good man (do you see what I did there?)…but I thought I would throw it out there, just in case. Oh and incidentally if you get the chance, please tell Aaron Paul that I want to have his babies.

With much love and admiration,

A British Breaking Bad Fan.


2 thoughts on “Dear Bryan…please settle something for my friend and I?

  1. See, I am a hater of Walt by the end.. but..I guess I still have a little soft spot for him. I’m torn.. Its a love hate realtionship. This show made me feel all the feels, and I… I just can’t see any other tv show being anywhere near as enthralling.. It was literally, Amazing.

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