My simple pleasures…

I realise how much I moan and complain and don’t focus on the great things in life. So today, I’m going to channel some positive vibes and share with you guys my Top Ten life’s simple pleasures….let me know what yours are!

1) Fresh sheets. Is there anything better in this world? Quite probably not.

2) A brand new, never been used, perfectly sculpted lipstick. It’s the calm before the storm. Once used, this lipstick will never be the same.


3) Drunken night + A few hours sleep = inevitable hangover hell. When, for some MIRACULOUS reason, no hangover results, it is nothing short of the best thing to ever happen in a person’s life. There is nothing I love more than springing out of bed and having a beautifully productive day wondering how the hell I dodged fate!

4) Painting my nails in ONE go without smudges or spillages. I’m not creative, nor am I nimble…so when this happens it really is a date for the diary.


5) Coming home after a busy day and removing my bra. Enough said.

6) Randomly flicking through TV channels just in time for the very beginning of a film I love. The one and only time in life that I am able to be proud of my “time management.” (Plus, aren’t films always better when they’re on the TV?!)

7) Cooking a healthy meal from scratch that isn’t burnt/undercooked/generally crap.

8) Waking up and genuinely feeling refreshed. (This has probably happened to me a grand total of two times in the entirety of my life. Both occasions were brilliant and occasions indeed they were.)


9) The surreal, Truman Show-esque feeling, of leaving the cinema and it still being a bright and sunny day outside.

10) Unexpected but heartwarmingly lovely texts. Very 21st century, I know.

One thought on “My simple pleasures…

  1. Great list – definitely agree with your thoughts on nail painting, having beautifully done nails makes me feel like such a young professional! Also I love waking up before my alarm and feeling like I’ve had a productive day rather than sitting around refreshing my twitter timeline! xx

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