Coffee shop love.

Best place to meet a man? I read an article in some crappy magazine that revealed that the best place to find love is…in a coffee shop.

Challenge accepted. With my twenty pound Starbucks gift card in hand (BEST Christmas present EVER, incidentally) and a dissertation waiting to be written, I made my way to the coffee shop. My ulterior motive being to find love.

I purchased my drink and took a seat upstairs at a table that easily welcomed the visit of a stranger. I began with my work and kept an eye out for potential Casanovas to come and sweep me off my feet!


People came and people went. Families after a hard day’s shopping came and enjoyed their hot chocolates as they excitedly discussed their day. Gross couples came to enjoy a shared pot of tea, limbs all over one another and slumped on a huge seat. Groups of girls came bustling in, waiting for their friends and squealing with happiness over frappucinos and fun looking drinks.

Still I did my work.

After a good three hours I was still sitting at my tactically chosen table, alone. I had not found love. A handsome stranger had not waltzed up to me and struck a conversation up with me about brilliant 19th century literature or over the merits of green tea.

With my failed love life in tow and dignity secretly in pieces, I packed up and left for home.

Deciding I needed a pick-me-up I nipped into Marks & Spencer’s on my way back (really splashing out for a student!) and bought myself some dinner.

“Hello lovely, I really fancy this lasagne this evening but it’s a meal for two and I’m single and alone, fancy coming over and sharing it with me?”


I turned to look at the guy propositioning me. OH, how I wish he had been my Prince Charming- sadly he was a tubby man in a suit with a somewhat receding hairline! He was also probably a good fifteen years my senior. Politely I declined.

“Your loss,” he grinned “I hear the lasagne from here really is delicious and I have a great wine at home that I would have shared!” He winked at me and then continued with his shopping.

I’m not really sure why but this minor incident satisfied my much needed pick-me-up! Maybe it was the fact that SOMEONE was interested in me or the realisation that I’m not the only sad love deprived fool, but it worked. The magazine really was a load of crap- clearly you can find love anywhere! From a scabby nightclub to the frozen food ready meal aisle in M&S!

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