Mr Right Now…

Boys and girls, its been a while since I last blogged…baaaad baaaad baaaad, I know.

But er, well I’ve been distracted ever since Valentine’s Day (it is still a vom-worthy occasion, don’t get me wrong) but, inspite of an innate hatred for the day, I actually had fun. WITH A MAN.

A fully functioning man- complete with southern parts, a hairy chest and a funny man smell in the mornings (ladies, you know what I mean!) Anyway said man stayed for four nights. How does Valentine’s Day turn into a long weekend?! I don’t know, but it did.


He bought me flowers and lots of little gifts and cooked me several incredible meals. Have I mentioned he can cook? Former professional chef, in fact. This is no flippant remark…I’m something of a fatty. A fatty on a student budget and with zero domestic skills. For me, he wasn’t just a chef, or a man bearing gifts but a miracle. 

We had one small fight. By small, I mean f***ing HUGE by the way- it ended with us both crying. Yes I cried- how embarrassing (not to mention out of character!!!) and yes he cried- how unattractive!!! Perhaps I should have mentioned we were drunk…but still. The argument aside it was still the lovely four day date. Four days of fun activities, of cuddles and of sex. The sex was incredible. I rarely orgasm through sex (TOO MUCH INFORMATION? Hey ho, I’m running with it anyway…) but with him, I’m not short of Os during the act.

Anyway, he left this evening. Three and a half hours ago infact, I’m not counting. This man is the nearest I have come to being excited about anyone with a penis for a very long time. BUT, well….he isn’t THE ONE. He isn’t my all singing, all dancing, happy ever ending man. I’m twenty two and that shouldn’t be a factor- I know, I know….but in its absence, I kind of just don’t see the point? Is that weird?!? He asked me to be his girlfriend. BIG NEWS, right??? WRONG. I’m flattered….and in some ways its the question I have wanted to hear for so long, it’s just the wrong person. Maybe we would have a lovely relationship. A relationship with a potential life span of a year, maybe two if we’re both on best behavior….

Yet, somehow I feel like I’m settling. I’ve been single now for sooooo long. SO BLOODY LONG that I have kind of grown to like every corner of my double bed. So long that I enjoy my routine of Eastenders on catch up and family sized chocolate bar binges. If a guy is going to take away my freedom to prance around the flat naked (when flatmate is out, obviously!) and rid me of my late night bedroom karaoke sessions….then he either has to be great enough to join me in both OR damn right amazing in the first place. I fear this man, is neither.


He is great. He just isn’t brilliant. Am I being a fussy cow? A girl too set in her ways to let another in? Or should I be looking at the big picture? Do I wait for my Mr Right (or potentially Mr Right) or just seize the moment with this Mr Right Now?

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