SHIT, I am in my twenties!!!

So, one minute you’re cruising through life- enjoying your childhood, reaching double figures, thinking boys smell, realising boys are “cute”, growing hair in funny places, becoming a teenager, sitting your GCSES, excitedly hurrying off to university….and then BAM.

You’re Twenty.

Life doesn’t cruise by any more. Oh no. It nose dives.

Your worries are no longer that you haven’t done your maths homework, bur rather that you haven’t had a romance worthy of a novel.

5 years ago you were 15- spending a lazy Sunday afternoon practicing your make-up and hearing every last detail of how your rebellious friend lost her virginity. FIVE YEARS LATER…you’re spending your Sunday afternoon counting your pennies and crossing all your fingers and toes in the hope that you can pay this month’s rent and hearing every last detail of how your enchanting friend is planning her wedding to Mr Oh So Perfect.


How did I suddenly go from a charmed life where I could count my worries on one hand to a stressful life where I have to categorise my worries onto a TO DO list? (Yes, I am turning into my mother- and rapidly.)


I honestly feel like I’m 17. But I am not- I’m twenty two. Every time I hear myself say it- it shocks me. TWENTY TWO. What do I have to show for it? Not a lot. A few qualifications on a couple of sheets of paper- a handful of friends (most of whom I’ll lose/replace with time) and HOPE- that my life somehow picks up before I’m shocked to tell the world I’m 32.

I don’t know how this has happened. It’s one of those things that hits me now and again….how am I a graduate? A legally recognised adult? Yet still without a job. Still boyfriend-less, let alone with a fiancé/husband and still incapable of cooking meal decent enough to inflict on another human.

I still need my mum to cuddle me after a particularly traumatic episode of Eastenders, I still have to sit on any swing that I catch my eye on and I still do a little leap to my bed in fear of a monster beneath it.


To every 20+ year old there- raise a glass to “carpe diem” to maturing but staying young at the same time. We may have lost teenager status, but who the hell really wants that shit back?!?! Let’s embrace adulthood, afterall there is no going back now!

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