Why my flatmate sucks more than yours. Reason #5

Okay, so I’ve not done one of these flatmate hating posts since December…I’ve really tried to be positive about this hellish situation in which I find myself and for which I will have to endure another 7 months…

BUT, well…she’s seriously too much of a bitch and as this is the only way I can vent my anger without making the situation MUCH worse, I figured I should embrace it!

You want to know why I hate my flatmate? Because she’s a little bitchy snob:

“She’s gross and she’s huge and she’s a whore with no money and she will come wearing Topshop or River Island or something and I don’t want to be seen with her.”


This is an actual statement that I overheard her say about one of her oldest “friends”, verbatim.

Let me contextualize: she is a student. She is a spoilt bitch. She has never worked a day in her life. She is a plump little pudding.

As you can see for yourself, she is also a bitch, a snob and a stupid hypocrite.



3 thoughts on “Why my flatmate sucks more than yours. Reason #5

      • My girl and I have been together since 2000, moved in together 2001 and were married 2007(?).
        It’s either the smartest thing I ever did, or the only smart thing I ever did.
        Either way, I couldn’t be happier!

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