No Make-Up Selfie Nominations

So everybody’s doing it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- taking a picture of themselves sans make-up in an attempt to raise awareness of Cancer. Said person after uploading such a picture then “nominates” a number of friends to do the same thing and the cycle continues.


Many people argue that it’s an attempt in vain, quite literally.

I’m going to throw it out there- *I await ensuing criticism*- BUT I am pro the no make- up selfie.

Yes, I get that posting make-up less selfies isn’t about Cancer per se- but nor is running 5k, wearing pink or donning a moustache for a month.  Its about raising awareness…and there’s no two ways about it- this selfie trend is raising awareness.

Who cares that some people are “cheating” with their supposedly no make up selfies? Who cares that these people are actually wearing minimal make up or have their eyebrows tinted? I certainly don’t care, a cancer patient certainly doesn’t care. Cancer Research has gained well in excess of £1 million thanks to this campaign- so who really gives a monkeys?

Good press? Bad press? Any press is GOOD press if its raising awareness and raising money for a disease that has touched all of our lives in some way.

There are some girls out there (myself included) perhaps you, reader of this post, who wouldn’t dare go out in public without a mask of make up on. Some girls who are insecure in the absence of a layer of foundation and some flattering mascara. No, make up selfies for us aren’t that easy…I’d way rather run 5k, wear pink, bake a few cakes or have a swear jar…many of my female friends would. Yet, here we are, standing in solidarity with people whose confidence and self-esteem has been shattered by this vile disease.

So please shut it, please stop telling us its self centred because for many of us, it isn’t (why else would we wear make-up if we were bursting with confidence?!) please stop telling us that it has NOTHING to do with Cancer, because no campaign ever does and please stop telling us that it isn’t making a difference, because it is.

Surely that is what it’s all about?


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