Why I hate my flatmate more than yours. Reason #6

Okay, so my bedroom is often messy in a kind of- I rushed to get out of the house and so have left my PJs strewn on the floor and make up all over my bed- type way. My room isn’t dirty. I am also pretty damn clean in communal/kitchen areas.

This is why I really fucking resent it when my flatmate insinuates that I am a dirty slob. I know for a fact that I’m not.

“OHHHH you are tidy, I’m just a super clean freak! I’m just used to my family at home, we are all really clean!”

Its like some kind of indirect bitchy comment about MY family who she has never met. Also she has a cleaner and her mum doesn’t work…your family aren’t that intrinsically tidy, are they Hun?

Now, I wouldn’t mind it if she did have some sort of superior hygiene level to me, or if she really was as OCD as she likes to make out. BUT it’s bullshit. I had to point out to her that her shower head was covered in limescale and mould that the water she was “washing” herself with was coming through. REALLY BLOODY “SUPER” CLEAN! She has also only ever washed her bed linen three times, in the time we have lived here….6 months. So she’s averaging once every eight weeks. That’s bad. Now imagine that she has fucked a grand total of four people in her bed since she last washed her sheets. Mmm, very hygienic, that is. 


Filthy little princess.

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