Let’s discuss our 3 deal breakers.

“Everyone is allowed 3 absolute, bottom line, non-negotiable deal breakers.”

My best friend declared. She swears by this. Girls shouldn’t be fussy she tells me, people should be accepting but according to her we are all allowed 3 things that we can absolutely not tolerate in a potential partner. Hers are; a receding hairline, any accent that isn’t posh and bad eating habits. They’re her three, she happily recites them at any all social occasions.

She always tries to corner me into committing to three of my own- but I can’t, I really can’t. Perhaps I’m a fussy cow or just really really indecisive, but I have 103 deal breakers in a man, not just 3. Anyway, I thought and thought and thought and I think that these are my three ultimate things.

1) Bad teeth. Enough said.

2) Stinginess. I’m no princess and I love a cracking bargain but is there anything less attractive than stinginess? I know we all have skint days, weeks, even months….but when a guy turns it into a way of life?! It’s such a no go. My ex took me to the theatre once. It was a treat a real one off. You would think maybe he would splash out a little? No. To save himself twenty quid he bought us restricted views. When they say restricted by the way, they mean restricted. I saw half of the show (a brilliant half, don’t get me wrong but even so…) ! I’d honestly have paid the difference to get proper seats had I known how much of a tight bastard he was going to be!


3) Health freak. I can’t do it. I cannot date a health freak. A guy I once dated used to drag me to the gym “for fun.” He used to inform me every time I had had one too many chocolate bars, when I hadn’t exercised enough willpower with my bag of Doritos or when I opted for wine over a less calorific spirit. Life with him was a CHORE. I vow to never date a health freak and although you think you did me a favour Mr Healthy, I don’t miss your tuts every time I chose the lift over the stairs.

Ask me again tomorrow, and I’m sure my 3 deal breakers will be very different! What are yours?

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