Hard work.

“Your biggest downfall…” he began, I waited with baited breath- here we go, my chubby thighs? My hyena-esque laugh? The fact it takes me several hours to reply to a text when I’ve clearly already read it?

Nope, none of the above.

“is the fact you’ve done a law degree- it’s so off putting and intimidating and you’re always ready for a debate. You’re such a hard work.” Fireworks. I looked at Mr 6 foot, Mr gorgeously tanned, Mr bright green eyes and it went, all of it. All my desire to strip him off his camel coloured chinos, to unbutton his pink shirt and to whip off that Hermes belt- GONE.

My biggest downfall is my degree? My intelligence? The fact that I won’t lie next to you and chat about dull, meaningless stuff 24/7?

It startled me. I’ve never got the whole dumbing down to impress a guy thing.

I come from a family of lawyers and doctors, a family that paid for me to go to a private school, that invested in my education in every possible way. A family that educated me solely with girls from the age of 2-18 for fear of distraction. I’m from a family that applauds academic success, that values my opinion at the dinner table and that encourages me to think for myself. I’m not valued by my latest shoe purchase, by the fact I can apply a damn good fake tan, or the fact that I’m a “bit ditzy.”

Just as well really-I’m never going to be beauty of the year and I can’t sing/dance/draw/play sports to save my life. Academics are my thing.

I am fully aware of my flaws- but my academic success? That’s never been thrown at me. I’m hard work? DAMN RIGHT, love. Unashamedly so. I would rather be me, me alone sans GORGEOUS, well dressed, perfectly stubble-d boyfriend than me with said hottie but having to put up and shut up. Having to pretend that I don’t understand the situation in Syria, pretend that I can’t spell this, that and the other and biting my lip when you say something I disagree with? NO thanks.


I thought we we had moved on from the days when women were “seen and not heard,” when only men could be ambitious and get the best jobs and when women weren’t allowed to be educated- and if they were, were taught to dance, paint and play the piano.  It’s 2014, hot guy- wise up!


3 thoughts on “Hard work.

  1. Good for you! Stand up and be heard, and be you in all your intelligence.
    The hot guy who appreciates it and all the rest of you (and that you fall for) will be a lucky guy.

    (Intelligence is one of the top characteristics I find attractive.)
    (Fortunately, my wife is smarter than me.)

  2. That’s so sad that a person would think that way. Good for you for thinking better of yourself. The right person for you will love you for your intelligence as much as your beauty.

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