Hallowed be thy gap.

Who would have thought that space, a vacuum, a hole, a gap could be so damn desirable? A hole in your spending? BAAAAAD news (trust me, I know) a gap in your love life? SOB (again I know how crappy this can be on a boring Sunday afternoon!) a hole in your clothes? Tragic (like the beautiful French Connection top I bought the other week that after an hour’s wear developed a tiny BUT irritating hole!)

Yet ladies there is one gap after which we all lust. The thigh gap. Need I say any more? Either you’re a perfectly slender woman who has achieved the near impossible and is in possession of the unattainable thigh gap or you’re in the other list- with me. NO thigh gap, maybe your thighs JUST meet? Hot sweaty day + a dress + thighs that meet = ONE HELL OF A NASTY THIGH CHAFFING SESSION. It doesn’t even mean that you’re a fatty, you might just have a womanly thigh heavy figure, your abs, tummy, bum, everything else might be the envy of all and sundry…the thigh gap is for the chosen few. GOD I HATE THEM.


I can spend my life snacking on raisins, salad and unsalted nuts, I can work out at the gym every waking second of my day….but it makes no difference and this I have come to realize is in my genes. I will never have the thigh gap, it’s not in my fate. Boobs were my blessing, thigh gap was not.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve drooled over Instagram photos of my friends in bikinis, wearing jeans, even in sportswear- all with the blessed thigh gap. Is this just an ideal that us ladies have fabricated? Or men is this the golden egg of sexy traits? Should women really be in pursuit of- what for many  most of us, will never be ours?

Secretly, I will always want this gap. Perhaps on a rainy day I will try again to pursue this goal. But for now, I am content. I got blue eyes, I got big boobs and more than that, I got good health- we can’t have it all. So what if the thigh gap isn’t for me? Maybe it’s about time I was grateful for what I DO have?

2 thoughts on “Hallowed be thy gap.

  1. I think there is a third group…. people who don’t have nor desire a thigh gap. I’m about as small as they come. If I suddenly became an anorexic, my pant size wouldn’t go down at all. These are my hip bones and they aren’t going anywhere. That said, I have what I call muscular legs. They’re never going to be those long slender things some girls have. Besides, without this awesome legs, my butt wouldn’t be near as awesome ^_^

    Here’s a secret though… at least for me. Stand with your toes pointed forward and your feet directly below your hips. No thigh gap. But then, lock your knees so your butt pops out behind you. I imagine many girls will magically get a thigh gap. If you look at a lot of the photos out there, that’s the posture women are using.

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