The worst role model? Carrie Bradshaw.

My impressionable yet intrigued 13 year old self, would spend many a Friday evening with the TV on low in the living room watching old re-runs of Sex and the City. Back then it was my sordid secret as I watched these four fabulous women discussing sex like the norm and acting out steamy love making scenes. Remote in hand, I was always ready to turn the volume down as the girls got down and dirty, for fear of my parents hearing.

Thanks to SATC I learnt all about the menopause, about Viagra and about doing my Kegels…I also learnt a lot about sex that I probably shouldn’t have been privy to at the age of thirteen. But I loved the show….a love that lasted right up until the final season and endured for a long time afterwards. SATC was my perfect Sunday afternoon hangover cure and it was my perfect alternative to crappy daytime TV when I was ill.

I couldn’t wait to reach my twenties, to own the shoes MY GOD THE SHOES to be independent in my own quirky apartment in New York, London, anywhere really other than my family home with the TV on near mute! I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by my very best friends, to be so open about my love life and to throw back exciting looking cocktails left, right and centre. I couldn’t wait to have a series of good looking lovers and a career that was fun and that paid generously. I wanted to be Carrie.


It took me a few years to realise (perhaps as I approached and reached my twenties) that Carrie Bradshaw is a crappy role model. She provides a disservice to impressionable teenagers out there who strive for her life…because when you think about, the lady who seems to have it all is…a little bit shitty.

  • She ain’t no fashionista. We are supposed to see Carrie as this daring woman with bold fashion choices, but 99.9% of the time she looks downright daft. She dresses like a 6 year old that has been given a hell of a lot of freedom to raid the local fancy dress shop, there’s nothing fashionable about that.


  • She is BAD at love. She cheated on Aidan the sweetheart for Christ’s sake! She went on and on and on about her pursuit of love, about bad boyfriends about being late to the marriage party- and yet, when push came to shove, she was crappy and immoral in her choices.
  • She is HORRENDOUS with money. Can’t afford rent? Clearly the obvious thing to do is to purchase some new Jimmy Choos? Er, no Carrie. Bad spending might be acceptable as a nineteen year old student but a career woman in her late twenties? I think not.


  • She is a DREADFUL friend (aka self-centred bitch) everything is always about her and she is never there when her best girlfriends need her.
  • She is fake. She purports to be miss quirky and miss independent- but she cannot function in the absence of male adoration. She needs a man to complete her. BORE.

These are her major crimes, on a lesser scale but still just as irritating- she taught women that heels were the norm, that we should party in heels, grab a coffee with friends in heels and run for a cab in heels….BAD ADVICE. She taught us to be promiscuous and to sleep with every guy we date…AGAIN, BAD ADVICE. (If you’re gonna slut around love, atleast be loud and proud about it a la Samantha!)

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m no longer a fan of Carrie- I don’t practice what I preach- Bradshaw. But it’s not all bad, I’m not slating SATC, I’m not slating the value of women sleeping with who they want and openly discussing their sex loves (this is PROGRESS) I’m not slating her advice to settle only “when we get butterflies.” BUT a role model for young ladies? Carrie certainly is not. Maybe being broke, being a good person and a great friend- really isn’t so bad afterall? Even if it means a boring glass of wine at home whilst wearing my super flat pumps!


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