This week, I’m LOVING…. (16/06/14)

So, like most twenty two year old girls I love fashion- clothes, accessories, make-up you name it. I want to bring something new and fresh to my blog (summer creativity, if you will) and aim to upload a blog post a week telling you, my readers, what fashion item I am loving that week. Let’s see how it goes, please be patient lovely people!!

Here’s to week one.

This week, I am LOVING….New Look Kimonos!

Serious LOVE LOVE LOVE. They are super friendly on the purse, very up to date with trends AND perfect for day and night. Tell me why I shouldn’t buy one again? Also, as someone who hates their arms, the kimono is perfect for concealing those undesirable “bingo wings” whilst being sexy and fashionable at the same time. (GOODBYE frumpy Grandma cardis!)

From cute summery kimonos…



To longer length evening kimonos…



To colourful, more casual kimonos….



And for kimonos that are just a bit more special and sparkly…


There is something for EVERYONE. I guarantee that whoever you are, whatever size, whatever age and whatever budget…at New Look this summer you can find your perfect must-have Kimono!


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