This week, I’m LOVING… (23/06/14)

Barry M Gelly Nail Varnishes….

These are CRAAAAAZY cheap- £3.99 a go. Trust me they are so so worth it!

Have you ever had a gel manicure? It might set you back thirty quid but the gel nail varnishes are shiny, really shiny- in a way that you have tried but can somehow NEVER achieve on your own at home. (I don’t know about you but I’m crap when it comes to nail varnish application: smudges here, there and everywhere and spillages left, right and centre.) For me the gel manicure was the perfect solution, super shiny professional nails and it did wonders to my nails- stronger and longer YAAAAY! WIN-WIN.

It WAS the perfect solution…until I came across these Barry M beauties….for a tenth of the price! Okay, so they don’t last as long but they’re just as shiny and come in a MASSIVE range of colours, from sexy dark purples and blacks for night times to lime green, white and fuschia pinks for summery days. It’s such a bold statement item that is DIRT CHEAP and can spice up any boring outfit!

My personal faves are; Prickly Pear, Lychee, Grapefruit and Greenberry (which I’m wearing and admiring as I type!) Incidentally, did I mention that they all have cute fruity names?!

You can get them in gorgeous summery pastel shades:



Or in bolder shades for rainier days and evening wear:




Even just your bog-standard reds and pinks look so much BETTER with Barry M Gelly varnishes:



I cannot recommend Barry M Gelly Nail Varnishes enough….take a look for yourself! My only complaint? I want them ALL I’m genuinely starting to obsess and get all OCD about collecting them all…so what was a very cheap treat is now turning into an expensive but VERY SHINY hobby!


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