This week, I’m LOVING…(30/06/14)

All things- Benefit for ye olde eyebrows.

I was born (thanks to my dad) with naturally very thick, bushy eyebrows…(NOT in the kind of sexy, statement, bold eyebrow way) So, aged about 14 when I first laid my hands on a pair of tweezers…I went for it, BIG STYLE. I was VERY pluck happy and didn’t stop until two, barely visible, thin lines of wonky hair remained.

Fast forward 6 years later- most of it has grown back (Thank god!) but they have never been the same and my left eyebrow enjoys something of a little bald patch as it widens. My eyebrows have never matched since and no amount of professional shaping, waxing, plucking or threading can help revive hair growth in this very uneven area. IT IS A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS.

For months, maybe even years, I have been in pursuit of something to remedy this eyebrow situation. NOTHING has done the trick…eyebrow pencils have often been unrealistic, too dark or too clearly false. I have tried EVERYTHING that is out there.

When my dear friend Becky recommended Benefit products for my eyebrows, I wasn’t enthused…having long accepted my fate as the girl with unusual eyebrows. I rocked up to my local Debenhams, took a seat (always have mixed feelings when I get my make up applied in store- feels so awkward yet so diva-ish) and watched as a plethora of products were applied to my eyebrows.

It was a Cinderella-style transform! Thick eyebrows that were a-could be my natural hair colour- shade and that looked-finally!!– realistic and not drag Queen-esque. I bought two products in particular! (They were quite a fortune, I cannot lie, but TOTALLY worth it and so far they have lasted aaaaaages!)

My purchases included;

1) Gimme Brow

This is an incredible product! It comes in two shades (hopefully they will bring out more) but the darker brown suits me down to a tee (dark brunette, peachy skin and all) and there is a paler brown shade for mousy/blonde types! It’s applied with a small brush. At first it feels a bit strange applying a Mascara like product to your eyebrows but IT WORKS. It sticks to the hair you have, blends in the gaps and is super easy to apply! It also lasts ages (rarely have to re-apply during the day!) It comes in a little bottle but lasts ages and fits easily into my make-up bag! LOVE LOVE LOVE, GO PURCHASE!!!



2) Browzings

The second product is super nifty! It comes in a little palette with mirror and includes some great tweezers (although small, so I am forever misplacing them!!) a coloured wax product to be applied first and a powder to apply last. I also adore the brushes included, one of which is shaped in a slant which allows for easy, professional looking application! FABULOUS! The wax boldens the eyebrow, tints it a darker shade and shapes it with the aid of the special brush. It applies sooooo smoothly. Then you use the powder, which helps to blend and softens the look. It’s a brilliant product!



I use the Gimme Brow every single day, it has become a daily must-have essential! I use the Browzings when I’m going out or what a bolder look. Both can be used separately and/or together.

I CANNOT describe how much I love these life saver products although not cheap- they’re realistic, give enough definition to let you skip plucking for a few days unnoticed and really help to solve any wonky/misshapen eyebrow issues you might have! AMAZING!

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