This week, I’M LOVING…(14/7/14)

Shirt dresses. They’re the perfect summer essential- and can be worn as a super casual piece in the day or accessoried to the max for the night. Simple, effortless and yet so effective.

It’s such a nice look that can be worn in any way to suit your style…

You can do very casual, summery day wear with a piece like this:


Or something a bit bolder or more special for night:


Maybe you want a hot, figure hugging dress:


Or something a bit baggier and more casual:


If it’s plain, simple and effective you want then this is the item for you:



But equally a fussier, print-covered version can be yours too:


The versatility of this trend makes it a wardrobe MUST HAVE. You can tailor it to your style and accessorize all you want: jewellery, belts, shoes, hats….you name it. The fact this fashion trend can be worn so differently makes it ideal for you. If you’re short, tall, slim, curvy, young or old- it makes no difference.

I’m loving it so much and it’s super friendly on the purse- I bought a plain black one from H&M and have worn it during the day and then spiced it up for night with a metallic gold belt and a chunky gold necklace. SUPER EASY! 

Go out there, purchase one now and have fun customising it to suit you or your occasion!

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