How to bag a second date…

First dates, are eaaaaasy. We all have a meddling friend who likes to be Cupid, or the internet if that’s your thing- anyone can get themselves a date. The problem? The second date. These aren’t so easy to bag- because sometimes quite often the opportunity isn’t there.

Over a couple of hours of dining and a few cocktails you have to have made a good impression to be in with a chance of a second date. A neutral impression or a bad one- won’t cut it. Unfortunately, this time it is personal.

So, how can us ladies maximize our chances of date Number 2?!? Here are my tips:

  • Be nice! Sounds like a no-brainer but I’ve heard lots of tales of girls putting guys off on dates by not being nice…! Sometimes girls want to seem aloof on a date but if not pulled off spectacularly this can be construed as rude, which is a no-no. Other times girls relishing in their wit may push their sarcasm…a little too far, making the poor man at the receiving end thinking you’re a meanie! If you make him feel uncomfortable, he won’t be in a rush to sort you out with a second date! So be nice!
  • Be interested! Normally, you are told to be interesting but that’s unhelpful, everyone thinks that they are interesting! If your hobbies are discussing fake tan and last night’s Hollyoaks then doing these things will, in your eyes, make you interesting. If you don’t find one another interesting then it’s a deeper compatibility issue and a second, third, fourth date is in nobody’s interest. Being interested is a little different however. You’re on a date to find out the small stuff, his job, his hobbies, where he’s travelled to etc etc…if you make it all about YOU then how can your date engage with you? How can he properly interact? You haven’t had a proper date but an interview if you don’t ask questions back and properly interact. Be genuinely interested in what he has to say. You may not share his love of Rugby and nobody is asking you to pretend you do, but be interested in the fact that he has had a season ticket for his favourite team since he was 12 and that he is truly passionate about the sport. If you’re not actually interested in him then ask yourself why you’re even on the date…
  • Be open! Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve from the get-go and I’m not advising that you divulge intimate things like the STD you caught last summer or that bad dose of vomiting you had last week- but don’t be a closed book– an air of mystery can be sexy but if you dodge all of his questions and don’t give him an insight into your world then, he might just give up.
  • Be sober! Obviously have a drink to ease the nerves, but don’t go overboard- you irritate your best friends when they have to carry you home and hold your hair back as you’re sick, let alone a strange man you met only an hour ago! You want your date to see you at your very best- not slurring your words, falling off your chair and generally being embarrassing!
  • Be polite- say your pleases and your thank yous (this is obvious politeness) but also take an interest in your date (as above) and offer to go halves at the very least (even if you think he should be paying!) Nobody wants to date an ungrateful, entitled girl- so play it cool and remember your manners!


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