A bit about me…

  1. I was named after “the most beautiful woman in the world”- I didn’t live up to the expectation.
  2. I am a law graduate, but I like to think I’m a little less boring than that sounds.
  3. Coffee by day, gin by night.
  4. My biggest weakness is chocolate…and handbags…and boxer dogs.
  5. I am rubbish at all sports and bad at board games yet I am the most competitive person in the world.
  6. My sense of humour is my greatest asset- but it has landed me in more trouble than its worth!
  7. Arguing is my favourite hobby: I blame the law degree.
  8. Eastenders is my guilty pleasure.
  9. I have a younger sister who I adore…even though she is the most irritating human to ever live on this earth.
  10. I went to all all-girls catholic school. It was as bitchy as it sounds. Imagine St Trinians with a baaaaaad dose of hormones!
  11. I like my coffee as I like my men; white, strong and hot.
  12. I’m not a morning person. Evenings are so much sexier and naughtier. There’s nothing glamorous about bed hair, a nightie and a bowl of Cornflakes.
  13. I am such an Instagram whore; Starbucks coffees, fancy cocktails, gorgeous sunsets and the perfectly choreographed selfie all make regular appearances.
  14. I think Nandos is overrated. THERE, I said it.
  15. I can’t drive and hope that I can forever avoid doing so!
  16. I am English through and through from the posh accent to my love tea.
  17. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  18. My ideal man is Bradley Cooper- if someone could arrange for us to meet then that would be dandy.
  19. My favourite words are “serendipity,” “debauchery” and “besotted.” They all roll off the tongue beautifully and represent things I hold dear to my heart- all women should indulge in some debauchery, aspire to be besotted with another and appreciate the serendipity of life.
  20. In case you hadn’t noticed, I am pretentious and unashamedly so.
  21. I am the least judgmental person on the planet: I will take you as you are, flaws and all- and hope you do the same for me.
  22. My iPhone is my must-have essential. I would be lost without it.
  23. I suck in the dating world; get all giggly and shy around men I like and am gobby and opinionated around those I don’t.
  24. Pinterest is my new favourite thing. I am currently planning my future wedding. It includes my wedding dress, the venue, colour schemes and all the tiny details…except for the man ofcourse- no biggie!
  25. I adore mushy rom-coms and terrifying horror films in equal measure.
  26. I am twenty two (nearly twenty three) and haven’t met any of my life goals. I don’t have that long term relationship I wanted, I’m not earning any money at all let alone the big bucks I assumed would be mine and I don’t have that granite island in my kitchen. I don’t have a kitchen actually. Or my own house.
  27. I sob uncontrollably over films, seeing animals suffer and Don’t Tell the Bride re-runs but haven’t actually cried about a personal life issue in far longer than I can remember.
  28. I am the child of divorced parents.
  29. My big blue eyes are my best feature. My larger than life thighs are my worst.
  30. I am irritatingly indecisive.

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