I am a twenty two year old female simultaneously getting to grips with the need to become a fully functioning human being and the art of blogging.

Please join me as I share my musings and antics- or lack of- along the way. My non existent love life, irritations with my flatmate, dysfunctional family and general misbehaviour are all things that you can find here. Despite being, for all intents and purposes, a bit of a tit, I promise a few insightful, thought provoking and intelligent posts too!

I know that there are 1001 videos of people falling over, adorable puppies and motivational speeches online, so I am truly grateful that you are even bothering to read this.

Thanks for stopping by! xxx

P.S. If you want to get in touch feel free to comment or drop me a line at: femaleramblings@live.co.uk

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following me. I’m enjoying reading your blog, I like your sense of humor and hopefully my irrelevant humor might make you smile also or I could just send you a picture of my cock. LOL

  2. A couple of months ago, i received a picture of somebody’s cock on my phone. WTF I thought, but it was a nice looking dick! So I just ignored it and then a week later I got another picture of the cock along with a full body shot. It didn’t appear to be any of the gay guys I know so I texted him back and said, “Nice dick but I think you’re sending it to the wrong person and possibly gender.” So I got this puzzled text back, “You’re not so and so?” Just goes to show you that if you send a picture of your dick to someone, make sure it gets to the right person! LOL Now, I’m kind of lonely as he doesn’t text me anymore. 🙂

    • I love that you received a dick photo….and chose to ignore it hahaha. Also kudos to the guy who (despite not getting a response the first time) persevered with a second photo!!! If you like I can save your loneliness and forward you any dick photos that come my way- it never fails to amaze me how many guys are so (mind the pun) cocky! X

      • You also have to keep in mind that we have fragile ego’s and require frequent boosting. When you get a picture you should always reply with something like oh my god that is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. I bet all the women want to have your baby. A few strokes from a female makes us feel so good.

  3. That’s okay, I’ll just look at mine. 🙂 One of my friends is gay and not too computer literate so I helped him set up his computer so he could look at gay porn. Now he’s always asking me over to show me the picture of some (typically well hung) guy or movie he’s found while choking his chicken. I want to be supportive but naked guys just really don’t do it for me but I will have to admit the guys in gay movies are typically a lot bigger than guys I see at a swing party.

    And as a side note, Carl’s Jr has those little ice cream cookies (I can’t remember the name) and are really good. I think about that every time I see your wall paper.

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