Online dating apprehension…

Okay, so a few weeks ago I told you about my entry into the world of online dating.

I haven’t exactly been consistent with it and I’ve dipped in and out a little, but now, I’ve found someone.

Not found as in FOUND someone, but found as in kinda stumbled across someone who maybe isn’t an absolute weirdo stalker maniac. (I hope!)

We’ve chatted a little. He seems smart and he’s got a good sense of humour. TICK, TICK. He looks decent looking from the couple of pictures he has shared with me and…its all going well.

Or atleast it was.

I gave him my number and we texted, a lot. Then, (understandably) he suggested we arrange a date. It was late at night, possibly even early morning and I agreed, as full of the idea as he. We chatted some more, until he was ready for bed and off he trotted. This gave me time to think. Within about 5 minutes my wonderful brain had gone through a lovely montage of worst case scenarios. Consequently, I had gone 360 from loving the idea to hating it.


If truth be known, I was am terrified. It’s funny, I’m a gobby shit oozing with confidence (female body paranoia aside) normally but this has actually thrown a spanner in the works. Dating a stranger off the Internet who I possibly- as much as I can tell- like.

WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? What do I wear? What do we talk about? Where do we go?….the list goes on.

What if he is a psycho? What if he doesn’t like me? Blah, blah, blah. Maybe I’m not cut out for online dating, maybe this is normal? I really don’t know. And, to be honest, I’m bricking it. I’ve been little miss cool as far as my online friend is concerned. BREEZY AS HELL. Yet now I’m panicking, I’m barely replying to his texts in some poor attempt to avoid the date issue at hand. He probably thinks I’m playing hard to get.

Ladies, help me: WHAT DO I DO? The only feasible options I see are to avoid this man for the rest of eternity or to get utterly sloshed with my girlfriends and then waltz into my date.

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